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As I write this, I am blown away to realize that I have been shooting professionally for nearly 18 years. After graduating college with a degree in photojournalism from SFSU, I took a job at a camera store that paid $7 per hour. On one hand, that job was really terrible, except for the fact that I met and worked with a really great photographer who had a great talent for headshots. He started calling me his protege and he taught me so much about headshots.. What I thought was a low paying job turned out to be a great experience in what was to become one of my future specialties.


I also strive to constantly expand my style and grow with the current trends. I have taken workshops by prominent photographers in the industry, Peter Hurley and Mark Robert Halper..


I describe my photographic style as casual, deep, traditional, non-traditional, humorous and natural. My clients tell me I am fun to work with, fast and that I make the whole process easy!I specialize in actors, corporate and all types of promotional headshots.


I work out of my downtown studio in Fairfax, CA.

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